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Resolutions….. Are You Ready For A New Outlook?

Resolutions….. Are You Ready For A New Outlook?

 Reality Check ….


For as long as I can remember, making “New Year” resolutions seemed like the thing to do because “everyone” was doing it. But deep in my heart it was always in September, my birth month  ( and back to school) that I felt a sincere urge to create, plan and execute new projects, attitudes and life goals.


If you’re like the millions of people who make resolutions in the new year and break them by February, maybe it’s time to change your mindset. It doesn’t matter what month during the year you decide to sit down and chart your course, as long as you do it.


Not only do we feel pressure to make our goals in January, we also feel pressure to do it the way almost every other person you know does it. Unrealistically! We feel over ambitious and end up crashing and burning before spring rolls around. 

” U.S. adults make almost 2 million resolutions each year- and nearly 30% give up within two weeks”


To make any real change we need to be honest with ourselves and start “where we are”. You’ll have a better chance of success if you make manageable changes and changes that excite you…... this year try something different:








“Resolution Cheat Sheet”


Stop setting over ambitious goals- You want to write a book, run a marathon or lose 30 pounds. You need to pick ONE  goal, the one that will give you the highest payoff  in your life, allow you to feel like – “mission accomplished”  and laser focus on that. If you’re successful at that, then by all means , keep going!


Not everyone is “super organized”, get over it-  Tired of beating yourself up for not being organized?  You’ve gotten  yourself this far in life without labeling and color coding  your entire home and business , so go with the flow. Don’t be so hard on yourself, start small and make small changes like trashing mail on a daily basis instead of letting it pile up for weeks at a time. Many researchers have found that “messy” desks  promote creativity! 



Don’t like running, don’t do it-  If you’re currently not engaged in any consistent exercise, don’t jump on the “running” bandwagon. Not everyone is cut out to be a runner . Find an exercise or class that interests you and try it. You may have to experiment with a few before you hit on something that fits your style and time allowance. If you find something that excites you and you have fun doing it, you’ll stick with it.  Good old fashion walking gives you as good if not better results than running! And less harmful on  your body over all.



Eat healthy foods you like–  Brilliant idea! Over 45 % of new years resolutions involve eating healthier. This will only work if you don’t feel deprived and you actually like the food choices you’ve made. Kale, quinoa and chia seeds aren’t the only healthy  foods out there.  Again, start where you’re at. Try limiting red meat and dairy first, then add more veggies. Swap soda for flavored waters….



Choose your time to set goals– Research has  shown that it’s not the first day of the year that will make your resolutions or goals a success, it’s how excited and connected to the goal you are. You have to take ownership of the goal, know the payoff you will get from achieving it and be emotionally attached before you can make it happen long-term. Just as I’m connected to September , you might realize your birth month or a particular season/ time of the year resonates with you.






Written By: Alice Wilcox

January 3,2017


Sources: December 2016




Alice Wilcox

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